The dilemma of being able to provide tasty, delicious meals at an affordable price is always with us.
High costs of kitchen equipment combined with a shortage of skilled chefs can restrict the ability to offer the type of food demanded by modern, food savvy customers.
The revolutionary Fiffis® concept provides the solution.


A unique packaging solution with high quality standards
1. Use the microwave or ISECO oven to heat
Torus Pak® has been developing and distributing the patented & award-winning Torus Pak® system since 2004. The unique easy-to-open meal trays can be individually filled and are perfect for all areas of cuisine, from basic catering to gourmet solutions.

2. Pull the base to uncover plated perfection
The ingenious idea behind the special “simply serve” concept is the removable base film, guaranteeing simple handling, perfect hygiene and ultimately the perfect presentation of the meal on the plate.

Enhanced food

Providing meals to the customers always throughout the day can be a challenge.
FifFis provides the solution by complementing food offer, allowing any staff member to fulfil quickly and efficiently, without the need for a trained chef or a fully operational kitchen.
FifFis can also support existing operations, for example when kitchens are already at full capacity or if equipment problems occur.
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Tasty & delicious meals
A broad range of menu items is available; a proven core selection, from international sources, enhanced by a choice of meals with a local twist.
Dishes for special diets and cultural requirements complete the package.
Pricing is left to you as the operator, reflecting your customer base and business model.
Start right away!
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As a member of the Romy Foods family, we have a Zero Food Waste vision. Based on frozen meals delivered in Torus Pak® technology, we are reducing food waste by 90%. This is our commitment to a more sustainable food service industry and, driven by this philosophy, in June 2016 we created the Romy Foods global food programme – A Meal for a Meal – to help defeat global hunger. For every gram of food-waste we eliminate, we re-invest one gram where it is needed. The eliminated food waste & loss from one meal equals a fresh meal in a different location. In collaboration with the leading NGO SOS Malta, the company is supporting 2,000 children attending primary schools in Uganda and has already provided almost one million meals. This initiative will continue to grow as more meals are sold! Read more about our CSR initiative on