Enhanced food offers for hotels

Providing meals to hotel guests during off-peak times such as late arrivals or for room service can be a problem. Night Menus provides the solution by serving the hotel food.


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As a member of the Romy Foods family, we have a Zero Food Waste vision. Based on frozen meals delivered in Torus Pak® technology, we are reducing food waste by 90%. This is our commitment to a more sustainable food service industry and, driven by this philosophy, in June 2016 we created the Romy Foods global food programme – A Meal for a Meal – to help defeat global hunger. For every gram of food-waste we eliminate, we re-invest one gram where it is needed. The eliminated food waste & loss from one meal equals a fresh meal in a different location. In collaboration with the leading NGO SOS Malta, the company is supporting 2,000 children attending primary schools in Uganda and has already provided almost one million meals. This initiative will continue to grow as more meals are sold! Read more about our CSR initiative on www.amealforameal.com