Who can shop in Fiffis web shop ?

Fiffis web shop is open for all companies within the hospitality industry. If you want to buy from Fiffis you need a company number, which you will have to register in the checkout.

How does it work to shop in the web shop?

It’s easy! Just choose the meals you would like to buy, add them to the checkout, register your address in the checkout, pay and we will deliver it to your choice of address.

Why can we only buy boxes and not only single meals?

The meals are packed in boxes of 20 meals in each. One box per meal type is our minimum at each delivery occasion.


Why are the meals frozen?

Frozen food has many advantages. First of all, by freezing the meals immediately after cooking, the quality of the food is preserved. Raw materials and vitamins are retained in intact condition and stays fresh and tasty until it’s time to enjoy the meal.

This gives you as a hotel or guesthouse the opportunity to serve your guests tasty, delicious meals without the need for kitchen equipment or skilled chefs. It also opens up to the opportunity to provide meals to hotel guests during off-peak times such as late arrivals.

How shall the meals be prepared?

All Fiffis meals should be prepared in the Torus Pak® packaging. Before heating use a fork to create small holes in the plastic film. The meals can either be heated in a microwave or a regeneration oven. For microwave, heat the meals for 6 minutes using a microwave setting of 1000W. If the microwave does not have the 1000W function but a lesser one, you just need to heat it up for a longer period of time. In a regeneration oven please heat it for approx. 20 min at a maximum 100°C. This method will heat the meal slowly and keep it at a constant temperature for best quality and consistency.

Where can we find nutritional information about the meals?

The label on the meal packaging includes all the nutritional information about that specific meal. You can also find it under the Ingredients Tab on the product page of this web site.

What is the shelf life of the frozen meals?

The shelf life of all our meals are 12 months. However, you should always check the label since meals may have been stored in our storage facility and thus this time might differ when the meals are delivered to you.

What happens if there is a problem with our meals?
Should you feel that there is a quality issue with the meals, kindly contact us as soon as possible. You can write to us on


How does the packaging work?

The packaging that we use comes from the patented & award-winning Torus Pak® system. It’s very easy to use. When it’s time to serve a meal, you heat the meal in the Torus Pak® packaging. When the meal is heated place, the whole tray on a plate and pull out the white slip so that the food goes straight on the plate. Lift the tray and add some garnish if needed. The meal is ready to be served!
Torus Pak

Is the meal supposed to be heated in the packaging?

Yes, the meal must be heated in the Torus Pak® packing. Do not open up the plastic film in the bottom before the meal is heated and you have a plate underneath. Though, before heating it’s important that you make a small hole in the plastic film on top.


What payment solution do you offer?

We work with PayFast that accept payments via Mastercard, Visa, SCode, mobicred and Bitcoin.


Do you deliver to all addresses in South Africa?

Altough, we have a large coverage, we unfortunately, cannot reach all parts of South Africa. When you put in your postal code in the address field, we will let you know if we can deliver to your address.

When will the meals be delivered ?

As soon as you have placed your order it, will be packed and transported to you in a frozen truck, within 48 hours.