Our food technology

It’s not just the food that should taste good, but everything associated with the meal is important to us at Fiffis.

Our raw materials come to UK from all corners of the world depending on the season, quality, and availability. That’s why we have such a varied menu, from classics to authentic Italian pasta and spicy Indian dishes. Each dish is prepared by professional chefs and then frozen using cryogenic technology before being heated and plated directly in the restaurant. This means that the taste, texture, and all nutrients are preserved without any added preservatives.

We know that our way of cooking results in reduced food waste compared to traditional cooking. Our dishes are individually portioned and nutritionally calculated by our own dietitian, and we only use the raw materials needed for each individual portion. As a result, research shows that our dishes have a 30% lower carbon footprint compared to regular restaurant operations.

We at Fiffis are also involved in the CSR program “A Meal for a Meal”. The program means that for every meal served, we donate a portion of food to school children in Uganda.

So, a warm welcome to the table at Fiffis for an experience that also feels good in the soul.

Fiffis UK
Unit 11 The Bell Centre, Newton Road
Crawley, West Sussex, RH10 9FZ
United Kingdom 


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